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Connexsens provides technology to help businesses increase efficiency, save time, and improve customer satisfaction. Our goal is to help businesses optimize their operations and maximize their profits. We provide a wide range of services and products that give us the flexibility to cater to a diverse range of companies. Our team is committed to providing the best support and guidance to ensure that businesses have everything they need to thrive.

Customized IoT solutions

Customized IoT solutions based on industry and business use case. End-to-end integrated IoT solution for rapid deployment

Sensor connectivity and device management

Sensors connectivity and management IoT platform, gateway framework and data processing

IoT Data Analytics

Providing business insights through data analytics. Analytics, cloud enablement, device lifecycle management


Wearable sensors and smart devices, can be used to monitor patient vital signs and other health metrics remotely

 Asset Tracking

Track and monitor the location and status of physical assets, such as vehicles, equipment, and inventory.

 Environmental Monitoring

monitor and control environmental factors, such as temperature, humidity, and air quality, in order to improve comfort and safety.

 Industrial Monitoring

Monitor the condition of equipment and predict when maintenance is required, helping businesses to reduce downtime and improve efficiency.

 Smart Building

Optimize energy consumption and reduce costs, by monitoring and controlling devices and systems such as lighting, HVAC, and appliances.

Agricultural automationAgricultural automation

Optimize irrigation, fertilization, and pest control in agriculture, improving crop yields and reducing costs.

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